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Kallmee Vizslas - Cocoa, FL

Kallmee Vizslas - For over 30 years the home of champion Vizslas. American and Hungarian Bloodlines. We breed versatile Vizslas for show, field, or companionship. Quality not Quantity! Vizslas from our kennel can be seen in conformation, obedience, agility, hunting, search and rescue, therapy and service as well as treasured pets. Pictured - CH Kallmee Nyar Napfeny (Sunny)


The Vizsla is bred to be a close working gun dog, and has the energy to range all day. He is lightly built, but muscular, giving him power, drive, speed and endurance in the field yet a loving companion in the home. He is a true hunter at heart, a talented pointer and always on the look out for bird scent. Natural retrievers, in the home everything ends up being carried in his mouth. He can become frustrated and destructive if not given adequate exercise. The Vizsla needs exercise everyday, and cannot be expected to meet his energy requirements with a short walk or within a small yard. This is not a lay by the hearth and look regal dog - this dog will bounce and race around your house like he's prepping for a NASCAR race.

While generally happy and compliant dogs, some can be stubborn, some can be timid and others can be overly excitable. Vizslas are sensitive though fearless, devoted to those who treat them kindly and give them affection. The Vizsla is not very discriminating to who he shows affection, he loves everyone. He is gentle and sensitive, with a well developed protective instinct which usually means loud barking at strangers. The Vizsla makes a good companion for an active owner who spends a lot of time outdoors.

The Vizsla has a medium to high energy level with lots of playfulness. He is highly affectionate, friendly towards other dogs, and other pets. The Vizsla loves meeting strangers, and has an above average ability to take training, but will be shy and fearful if not adequately socialized during puppyhood. Health issues such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, immune system disorders and other genetic problems can be found in Vizslas and puppy buyers are wise to question breeders about these in their lines.

The Vizsla requires very little grooming. Vizslas prefer to sleep on beds and sofas and will be like velcro - attached to you everywhere you go.

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