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CH Kallmee Vizcaya's Csinos Lany, not avail
Hunter at 12 years old when we rescued him
WE have a four year old champion male available to a mature couple. Handsome (see Current Stars) is a bit hen pecked by the girl Vizslas and he'd like to be an only dog. He loves laying next to us on the couch, long walks, and lots of hugs and love. I will be very picky who gets him. For other grown Vizslas please contact Tampa Bay Vizsla Club for adult Vizsla rescues who urgently need a home of their own. We rescued Hunter at 12 1/2, now he is 14 and he is a vibrant, enthusiastic Vizsla. Older dogs have lots to offer and years of love for you. http://www.tampabayvizslaclub.com/rescue/